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Our carbon footprint needs to change

Residential housing creates 23% of global emissions, with brand new code-compliant homes emitting 10 tons of C02 every year. We need to more aggressively reduce our housing footprint.

The built environment is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Every house we replace is equivalent to pulling more than 4 cars off the road.

20 metric tons

Average annual net emissions of existing home in California

10 metric tons

Average annual net emissions of new home in California

-0.3 metric tons

Average annual net emissions of Aro Home

Global GHG Emissions
Large floor-ceiling doors opening onto backyard

Carbon negative

Thanks to world-class systems engineering, our homes produce more energy than they use. They feature cutting-edge technology like low-voltage lighting, Span electrical panels, battery storage, electric heat pumps, high R windows, maximum efficiency solar, and high velocity HVAC.


less energy used


less water used

6 kW

solar array included


Our homes are designed to achieve the highest green certifications possible, including Passive House and LEED Platinum.

LEED Platinum
LEED Platinum
Passive House Institute
Passive House Institute