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Welcome Home (2.0)

Beautifully Designed

Our team of world-renowned architects and designers has applied modern user experience principles to rethink sight lines, lighting, color pallets and acoustics to create an optimal home experience. Aro homes are designed in harmony with nature for indoor/outdoor living and natural light throughout the home.

  • Designed in harmony with nature for indoor/outdoor living

  • Thoughtful sightlines provide privacy but retain views

  • Natural light throughout the home

Housing is Ripe for Change

While technology has reinvented almost every aspect of our daily lives, homebuilding has barely changed. Even today's newest homes are usually poorly designed, energy inefficient, and a headache to build. 

  • Over 30% of materials delivered to a construction site end up in landfill

  • It takes over 18 months to replace an end-of-life property today

  • The average home emits over 10 tons of CO2 every year

We are Funded by World Class Investors

Carbon Negative

Our homes are designed to achieve the highest green certifications possible, including Passive House, LEED Platinum, and Living Building Challenge. Thanks to world-class systems engineering, our homes produce more energy than they use, and feature cutting-edge technology like low-voltage lighting, span electrical panels, battery storage, electric heat pumps, high R windows, maximum efficiency solar, and high velocity HVAC

  • 50% less energy use 

  • 6,000 gallons of water saved per year

  • 11.2 Tons of CO2 saved per year

News and Updates

Exclusive article by Fast Co covering the launch of Aro Homes, what we've set out to achieve, and all that we've accomplished in our first 12 months. 

Fast Company

Article by Scott Brady and Josh Rapperport at Innovation Endeavors about their investment in Aro Homes. 

Medium | Innovation Endeavors

Aro Homes' official Series A funding announcement & press release

Business Wire

Aro Homes (formerly Vesta Housing Inc) is featured in this article about the importance of diversity in an early stage company.

Fast Company

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It's Time to Move Forward

Precision Engineered

Thanks to advanced engineering and superior materials quality, Aro homes are built to retain their value and cut ownership cost in half. Our homes feature highly insulated, weather-proofed exteriors, including roofs and cladding designed to last over 70 years. Homes are equipped with a high fire-rating, are covered by automatic sprinklers, and built with high quality materials. 

  • Built to withstand nature's harshest natural disasters

  • Cutting edge energy systems significantly reduce electrical load

Aro Homes is fundamentally rethinking modern housing, delivering beautiful, carbon-negative homes designed to move us forward. 

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