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Engineering and systems

Most homes are designed first and engineered later. This fragmented approach leads to tradeoffs that undermine the original vision and preclude most engineering efficiencies. At Aro, we’ve blended design and engineering to deliver homes that truly live up to their potential.

Digital Twin

We use state-of-the-art 3D modeling software to optimize design and construction efficiency. Through these detailed visualizations, we ensure that every system, connection, and material in our homes meets our efficiency and quality standards. For example, by stacking plumbing-dense and high-electric-load areas, we’re able to reduce copper wiring by 75% and plumbing runs by 50% versus a comparable home.

Digital twin


We’ve optimized each of the home’s systems, and designed them to work together to deliver energy efficiency, low maintenance cost, and the best possible homeowner experience. And we haven’t forgotten about the details: Water gets hot fast, HVAC is quiet, and lights are optimized for human health.

Smart Electrical Panel Home Energy Management

Span lets you manage every circuit in your home right from your smartphone. It also connects to your home solar system, so that you can optimize your energy usage. Get actionable insights into energy production and consumption to help boost efficiency.

Greywater cleaning and reclamation

Hydraloop recycles up to 85% of the total water used in your home. Recycled water can be used for toilet flushing, washing machines and irrigation.

Rheem heating

Heat pump and water heaters reallocate heat rather than generating heat directly, yielding 2–3x the efficiency of conventional water heaters. We use Rheem water heaters rated at up to 4.07 UEF, with built-in leak-detection system and HydroBoost mixing valve.