product / design

Next-Generation Design

We’ve partnered with an award-winning, world-renowned architecture and design firm to optimize living spaces for an exceptional, human-centric experience of wellbeing—harmonizing people and environment.

Front shot of Aro home

Indoor / Outdoor Feel

We’re blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, evoking our inherent connection to our environment—even when we’re inside. Natural lighting, open spaces, and an elevated central walkway provide sightlines to the outdoors from anywhere in the home—while maintaining privacy.

Large sliding doors opening onto backyard

Flexible, Functional Interior

Different families live differently, so our homes are designed to flexibly balance living, working and entertaining. Aro homes can accommodate various living situations—5 beds, with 1+ convertible to offices.

Room with office and lounge chair
Gym with treadmill and dumbbells
Bedroom with double bed and natural light

Optimized lighting and materials

We believe that world-class design and building performance are intrinsically connected. Our materials are held to a rigorous health standard and thoughtfully selected for look, feel and longevity. Lighting not only illuminates, but creates warmth, ambience, and connectivity.

Close-up of materials
Kitchen with island and 3 barstools